Photosynth on wordpress.com

March 6, 2010

Oh. It seems that embedding photosynth doesn’t work on wordpress.com.

That’s a pity as it means I’m going to have to pay for a server in order to experiment with photosynth. Nothing for free right? Grrrrr!

Here’s the deal…

I want to try to “broadcast” an event using only mobile devices to see how far User Generated Content (UGC) can work to cover live events using current ubiquitous technology, the stuff you have in your pocket now. It’s come out of a number of components falling into place in my head on Wednesday (don’t you love serendipity?).

Helen Keegan started the thing rolling with her work with some of our students inspired by Hugh Garry at University of Salford.

Then a partner in a research project, The Interactive Institute of Sweden, pointed me at bambuser which allows you to broadcast video live from your mobile phone.

I was already aware of photosynth and had been knocked out by Blaise Aquera’s demonstration of Photosynth on ted.com.

Makes me think that with a load of people with mobile phones taking pictures or video at an event all of the output could actually be pulled together through a wordpress front end (this is kind of why I’m here in the first place) and linked to various other social networking sites. I’ve spent a couple of days fiddling and dabbling (call it research if you will) and photosynth can be embedded in wordpress pages (just not here, Grrrrrr!), live flash video and audio from bambuser can be embedded most places and there are numerous points in the chain where the likes of Facebook, Flickr, Twitter etc can be synchronised with the whole shebang.

Anyway here’s the thing. I want to set this as an MSc project for some of our MSc PSVT students who were involved in the shoot the summer classes. Find an event (I have one in mind already), make it happen and bring it live into whatever social networks can handle the content. UGC live. I can’t wait!


  1. Seems that SL won’t manage flash video so I need another “broadcast from your mobile” app that uses an SL friendly format.

  2. Have a student working on this starting end of this month so HOPEFULLY progress will be made. Watch this space for updates.

  3. Update: our students i doing a great job of researching methodology and platforms for this. See his blog at http://alexmcc.wordpress.com/ for details.

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