MediaCityUK and University of Salford

July 16, 2010

It’s been a very busy couple of months. MediaCityUK has been eating up loads of my time, all very exciting stuff which is good but it’s left precious little time for blogging which is not so good.

Now that the new university building is on track we’ve been concentrating energies on what happens when we move in there. The programmes that will live there, how much of which students’ time is going to be at Media City rather than the main university campus. Now that those tricky question have been ironed out there’s a draft timetable to deal with. Not perfect yet but we have till autumn 2011 to nail down the details and it’s looking pretty good. The building is meant to be open 24/7 so  nocturnal students can edit produce, post produce, animate, programme all night if they want. There’s going to be some dark eyes for morning lectures I guess, hopefully the coffee in the foyer cafe will be good and strong 😉

Media City UK

MediaCityUK very soon... (pic Mark Whitfield)

Lots more buzz about the BBC presence in Salford now, announcements increasing the number of FM&T jobs moving north (great for my students and for our research I hope), breakfast is coming, there’s some real excitement on Twitter about the project now and we’re still a year or so away from opening.

The vision for the new building is that its the place where all the interesting stuff that falls between or across different faculties takes place. The whole building is ground breaking for the University in that all of the facilities, the studios, post production and edit suites, networking and media labs are unbadged by faculty or school. It’s forcing us academics to break down some barriers and encourage some real cross discipline teaching and research. Behind the scenes there are a great many conversations going on to make sure we are ready to live up to this. All sorts of interesting collaborations are springing up across the faculty boundaries now ready for when autumn 2011 comes round. Our Vice Chancellor set the ball rolling with his “Iconic Projects for Media City” which has artists, engineers, health professionals and scientists working together and linking with community groups and other business and academic partners to generate some really exciting ideas. Some of these are starting to kick start new collaborations as well and the same disparate groups are discussing cross discipline teaching activity as a result. It is really changing the way some of us are starting to think about what we do and how we work.

Exciting times…

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