Picture Post: the University @ MediaCityUK

September 27, 2011

Photos of our new building at MediaCityUK

The mezzanine with open access PCs, information desk and chilled atmosphere

All my previous blog pics from MCUK were taken with whatever phone I had in my pocket – sorry about the quality. So today I took the opportunity to spend an hour wandering round the building with my camera to give our students a taste of what they’re going to get when they arrive.

The foyer - open to the public from 4th October

So, starting on the ground floor…. the Christie Microtile wall is now in place and ready for content, it’s capable of 8K display – that’s VERY high resolution, and consists of 120 video blocks that you can build up anywhere in the foyer like Lego. I wrote about this when all we had were CGI images and it looks better now if

Digital Performance Lab

anything. The multi touch tables are being installed today, you can see the wrapping being taken off in the pics. This area is going to be great and it’s open to the public. I’m hoping that this is where some interesting conversations start with potential partners for research and teaching. We can make some very good stuff happen here! Also on the ground floor is the Digital Performance Lab. Some serious projection and lighting here as well, it looks spectacular now the chairs are in (they arrived today). I’m looking forward to some good stuff from the people in the performance and art & design areas of the uni who specified this kit and we’ll very likely be running some other events aimed at our neighbours in the digital sector. Watch this space for details.

Studio A from the engineering area

Here’s the gallery of TV Studio A. I met two BBC staff in here today and they were very impressed. “Look at this! We couldn’t get these for West One! I want to work here too!” This really is top end kit and our students are going to be expected to deliver content that reaches these expectations. Daunting maybe but beats fighting with poor equipment to get adequate results. Couple more shots of studio A below as it’s worth it.

SSL desk in TV Studio A sound. Beautiful.

Studio A

Studio B is our virtual studio and has the largest Orad pattern recognition based chroma key install

Studio B floor

they’ve ever done. It means we can do a full 3D virtual studio. The control room is again fabulous – the sound and vision are in the same room here but it’s roomy enough to teach a good number of students at the same time.

The virtual studio means we can put anything behind people in the set – in 3D too so if the cameras pan,  the image’s perspective remain consistent.

You can see the control room here with some of our guys preparing it for our first intake of students next week.

Next floor and we have our audio post area.

Nice eh? Digidesign Icon D-Command desk at the front. Pro Tools 9 on all the other 16 workstations. I’ll be teaching in here soon, can’t wait!

Floor 3 and you get to our newsroom and journalism suite


Based on (and sponsored by) Avid iNews the newsroom link to the news studio below:

News Studio

The journalism students are going to be blown away by this but the best thing is. None of the kit shown here is owned by any school in the university. Any of us can book into it. This means we’re going to have all sorts of interesting collaborations between different parts of the university. It’s started already. I’m an engineer and I’ve had teaching conversations with TV producers and research plotting with radio producers. Our animation and computer video gaming students are going to be making virtual sets for the virtual studio. These collaborations across disciplines that were disparate and unconnected are a large part of why we are here at MediaCityUK.

Conversation outside the studio area

UPDATE: Higher resolution copies of these and other photos of the day over on Flickr


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