#12hrfashion: Salford & Melbourne Online Fashion Collaboration

October 13, 2011

Logo from the Salford & RMIT Fashion Facebook page

As I type this around 60 students at University of Salford and about the same number at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia are coming to the end of a 12 hour fashion design-and-make collaboration and putting the finishing touches to their garments. The collaboration came out of discussion at Salford’s Media, Digital Technology & the Creative Economy  Steering Group and was the brainchild of Bashir Aswat (Fashion, Art & Design School) and Marianne Patera (Computing, Science & Engineering) who drove the whole project from the start.

The fashion groups in Salford and Melbourne both sent sealed bags of materials to each other in advance of

Bashir at #12hrfashion

the event, students at the receiving end had no idea what they were being sent ahead of the start of the 12 hour marathon. All student groups were linked to matching groups at the other side of the world by social networks and mobile devices. Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Bambuser, Ustream have all been used so that students could communicate right through the process. At each end a big screen displayed a live video overview of activity at the other side of the world.

I was there for the first couple of hours at Salford and have been following online since then – the event has been amazing! The buzz in the room as preparations were made for the 9pm start was really infectious, excited students and staff distributing mystery parcels sent from Melbourne – many with friendly messages on from their counterparts in Australia.

@samrecordsmusic is carrying out an MSc project on user generated content and motivation, he’s covering this as a case study and was helping out with some of the tech on the night.

I was massively impressed by the energy all of the students in both Salford and Melbourne put into this event. Loads of social network activity from students during the night had #12hrfashion trending in Manchester overnight.

This is the second collaboration between Fashion and Computing, Science and Engineering at Salford – you may remember last year’s fashion show app on iOS as being the first – and the second of many (I hope) collaborations with RMIT in Melbourne (another has involved our Centre for Virtual Environments).

A video of the event can be found here – edited on the fly during the night.

Salford & RMIT 12 Hour Collaboration Fashion Project from Pete Martin on Vimeo.

… and at the end are a couple of the finished articles produced in a frantic 12 hour period, you can catch up with many others on theFacebook page for the event.

I took some pics on the way through the first couple of hours and have picked a few up that were posted on various social networks during the course of the 12 hour session. Here’s a photo timeline.

Bashir explains how the night will run, it's going to be a long haul, there is coffee, energy drinks, live video streaming, tweeting, Facebook pages, Skype, lots of mysterious parcels full of materials, around 60 excited students at each end of the globe and people wandering with cameras. Is it going to work?

Apprehensive: there's a long night ahead

Marianne explains how the video links and streaming 'should' work.

even more apprehensive...

The parcels are given out approaching 9pm, Sam (pictured) is covering the event and assisting as part of his MSc project on UGC and live events.

Friendly messages from the Melbourne students on the parcels 🙂

Ready to open the parcels...

9pm UK time, 7am in Australia and the parcels are opened.

Look what I got!



hard at work

Group 29 from RMIT: we absolutely adored this experience, and were extremely excited to be apart of it! Our inspiration came from the origins of Salford in the 17th and 18th Century cotton mills and docks, we made a vinyl dress with knit side panels, a exposed (industrial like) centre front zip with a racer back, we also put together a asymmetric vest using the vinyl again for a back yoke and draping the grey knit to form the body, with some left over vinyl we made a detachable collar to create a little masculinity and add a bit of character, we hope you all enjoyed this experience as much as we did!! xx

Group 36 from Salford (Laura Simms & Emma Wynn & Jess Wood) - We took our concept of Origami and strengthened the fabric to create sharp edges and shapes. Structure was a key feature to this design, and due to the shapes and colour palette we shot in gloomy lighting and in industrial surrounding.


  1. UPDATE:
    Turns out I got the numbers wrong… It was closer to 85 students in Salford and 100 in Melbourne! AWESOME! So we doing this again next year then…?

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