Update ‹ Audio Flipboard Anyone?

January 21, 2013

Some time ago I posted that I’d love to see an audio equivalent to Flipboard, the wonderful social media agglomerator that presents your connected networks in magazine format. The audio version would collate your audio based networks and content (Audioboo, Soundcloud, Last.FM etc) and present it as an interactive personalised radio programme.

Well one of my students is taking on aspects of this in a final year project. Joe is using the OSC communication format to create an (almost) audio only interface which can drive the application. In the first instance he’s controlling a programme written in PureData with OSC and looking at interacting with multiple spatially separated audio sources. The same interface could of course be implemented stand-alone as a mobile app to curate audio feeds but this is outside of the scope of this initial project brief. Early questions involve asking how many sources can be simultaneously processed and navigated successfully by shifting the focus of the user and there’ll be some testing going on over the next few weeks..

You can follow Joe’s progress here as he is keeping a logbook online. I’m hoping this is something that can be developed further in future projects as well. Lots of coffee needed I think but all going well so far….


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