I just made (most of) my research papers open access

April 17, 2015
open access

From wikimedia commons

Having ranted a few years ago about the issues around open access to academic research outputs, and the lack of it, I’ve spent quite a bit of time chasing up recent developments in publishing guidelines. As a direct result of research funding organisations insisting on open access to publications that they have funded the situation has improved considerably.

In many cases either authors can publish pre-print versions of their work on institutional repositories like Salford’s one here, in others author’s can self-archive on personal websites only. Unfortunately this sometimes specifically excludes any site that utilises metadata to enable searching of archived material. So you can publish (or at least self-archive) the publication on any site that does not allow it to be searched for amongst other publications. At least this means that I can point researchers who email me for papers at a link which is progress. There is a great guide to what is available here on the SHERPA site.

Anyway, having researched the various policies around publishers that I have submitted work to I have created an archive on a personal web site as permitted and most of these papers are available for free download.

Here it is.

There are still a couple that I still don’t have rights to post, or to give to anyone but once publishers’ embargoes are over I will continue adding these.

Most governmental funders now insist that all of the research outputs are freely available, this includes source code, media and all other materials that would allow the research to be replicated by others except where there are good reasons for not publishing (confidentiality, commercial considerations etc).

We are having to change the way we operate considerably in order to ensure our data, especially the intermediate stuff like source code used, is searchable and archived and available in a sensible way. All in a good cause of course 🙂 The first project I’ve worked on under these new rules is the S3A project and you can look forward to seeing a lot of code and media popping up from that over the next few years.


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