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and now we all hate [insert name here]

December 29, 2010


google vs appleHaving bought an iPad for a research project recently I’ve been using it as an alternative to carrying a stack of paper documents to meetings at work. As long as there’s internet access in the meeting room (and where isn’t there?) I can drop the docs I need on to dropbox or Google docs and easily access and edit them as needed. Plus the battery will outlast even all day meetings. Nice use of the iPad and saves a load of paper into the bargain.

I never expected the amount of hate that the iPad would generate however; comments of “it’s only a big f****ng iPod” and “F****ng iPad” when on the way between meetings made me stop and think. When was the last time a piece of technology generated such hate? The comments spat and shouted at the “b****d Apple fanboy” had the venom I’ve only previously heard from racists about ethnic minorities or football “fans” about other teams fans. Where does it come from? Read the rest of this entry ?

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