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Facebook: your pact with the devil

March 18, 2012
Facebook bed

In bed with Facebook, image from Mashable

I’m as frustrated as everyone else at constantly shifting Facebook privacy settings, and have struggled to keep my posts, and my kids posts private like many others. It’s a difficult place to be at times when you’d like to keep a personal life separate from a professional identity. It’s particularly worrying when dealing with kids’ Facebook accounts, even though these are the ‘digital natives’ we hear so much about there’s very little awareness of future consequences of everything being available for all to see. I even keep an extra account open so I can check on the privacy setting of their accounts – how much do I really want a stranger to see about my kids? How much is

safe? The apparent default setting of “open to all” every time the feature set changes does not help matters and means that a war of attrition is constantly in progress against creeping privacy invasion. So much for ‘friendly Facebook’ eh?

It gets worse though. It seems that some organisations, including colleges and government agencies in the USA are demanding usernames and passwords for prospective student and employees facebook accounts Read the rest of this entry ?


Games People Play: a post from the ETC

December 10, 2011

The Last Message - A Kinect platform-game that tells a story of the journey of a waveform. The player controls the the amplitude and frequency of the waveform using both arms, and must guide it to the broadcasting tower — with Brian Lee, Ruijie Liu, Shibli Mansuri and Scott Chen. From the Fall 2011 BVW Show

As promised, this post comes from Pittsburgh where I’m working for a week as a guest of Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center (ETC).

The inimitable Don Marinelli, Executive Producer of the ETC

The ETC was created by the inimitable Don Marinelli and the late Randy Pausch combining skills in drama and computer science to produce game designers and “entertainment technologists”. It is a unique place that I have written about before. Students here study on a largely project based masters programme that aims to produce graduates that thrive on cross disciplinary team based project work

I’ve been invited here to do some workshops on 3D audio and to inspire students to incorporate some of the work we do at the Acoustics Research Centre at Salford into their projects and Read the rest of this entry ?


Why I tweet and other stories

June 5, 2011

A recent post from Daniel Teller rang a bell as I’d been thinking about how, and why I use various social media networks over the last months. I had noticed the fact that some people use it simply to amass followers and so appear more popular and ‘cooler’ that their friends. I have kids and the glee with which they boast about number of ‘likes’ on a post and how many friends they have is hilarious at times. I had rather hoped that it was a kid thing rather than an activity for grown ups

Beyond being depressed by people’s childlike motivation though I was also struck by how much Daniel’s twitter habits, and apparently Facebook habits, differ from my own. The premise of his post is that the essential difference between the platforms is time; Twitter is now and a message from an hour ago is stale and worthless. At one point I started feeling a little hectored, “Twitter is a messaging protocol – not a content store”, “A tweet from yesterday is practically worthless”. Yes it’s not a content store, that’s absolutely true and it’s based on messaging BUT Read the rest of this entry ?

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